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Ygritte Cosplay

I loved working on my Ygritte cosplay! Before this point, I really wanted to work on something that I could practice weathering on. This project called for lots, and lots, and lots of weathering!

When I started, I referred a fair amount to Lightning Cosplay's page dedicated to her coat creation and weathering process, found here.

Before cutting into the actual fabric, I made a muslin mockup, tweaked it, and used those pieces as my pattern pieces.

Here's the fabric! I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up something called sherpa suede. I liked that it had a faux fur lining, which I used to my advantage instead of having to purchase the faux fur separately.

Putting it together!

The hood pattern looked absolutely huge but it worked. I extended the front part of it so I could pull it back to expose the faux fur.

"Will this work? Yes, yes it will."

The cool thing about this fabric was the fact that I could pull it apart pretty easily, giving me the ability to just take fur pieces as needed.

I made the sleeves extra long so that, just like for the hood, I could pull it back over to show the fur. I also tested out making the bottom look a little extra ragged here, but didn't go crazy yet.

Here was the start of the process of adding fur to the outside. For all of the pieces on the outside of the coat I just used the faux fur I ripped from the fabric, so it would all match.

Added some details as I went along, like these small leather strippy bits.

I went about this the way longer way, but I liked how it looked. I hand-painted every part of this coat by hand, including the faux fur. I just used acrylic paint and a brush to work it into the fur completely.

For all the weathering on the main fabric I used a few different sponges, and alternated between the sponge with white paint, the sponge with light brown paint, and the sponge with dark brown paint. I started in light amounts and just layered on as I saw fit.

So much brown paint.

Here's after the initial paint job on the front, with some additional white detailing to the now brown fur.

I worked section by section, leaving the sleeves and hood last.

Added a long string that wrapped from where you see here all the way around behind the hood.

I picked up these gloves from Amazon, added some fur, and painted the crap out of them just like the coat. I didn't really get photos of the pants, but those were just basic scrubs that I applied the same painting technique to.

Oh look at that! It's coming together!

Powerloader Props made my bow, quiver and arrows. Dustin is amazing! Check out his Instagram page to see more of his work!

Once I got these props in the mail, I added to the weathering Dustin did for me.

Don't mind the saber here. This was taken while packing up for a photoshoot. :)


Ta-da! Photo and photo magic by David Love Photography.

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