Kit is a Twitch Affiliate who streams cosplay creation in creative mode, as well as various games on PS4 and PC at


SUBSCRIBE: You can subscribe to Kiteera on Twitch! If you want to support Kit, join a welcoming community, use cute emotes in chat, have access to sub-only sound effects and get other cool perks, visit her channel HERE and subscribe today! 


You can cheer in Kiteera's channel with Bits! Bits are a fun way to show support for the channel. To learn more about Bits go HERE.


Kit's official channel currency is called Boops. When hanging out in her stream (while logged into Twitch), you earn boops! You can check your Boop balance and spend them HERE.


Tips during stream are appreciated and NOT required! No services or products are exchanged for tips. If you wish to tip Kit directly, you may do so HERE.

Kiteera is based in North-Central Florida. You can contact her at

Photos of Kiteera by David Love Photography are owned by Kiteera.

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