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Visas Marr Cosplay

I took my Visas Marr cosplay to Star Wars Celebration 2017 in Orlando, and I had a blast! Below I shall dump some photos from my creation process, and give notes on what I did! I don't have photos for every part, so if you're curious how I did something, ask away!

I'd like to point out that in the beginning, I attempted to draw my own pinwheel pattern for the outer dress. That idea quickly died, so I contacted someone who makes custom stencils, and BOOM. Magical pinwheel stencil.

Ta-da! Here's the first test piece of fabric, sprayed with gunmetal gray plasti dip. It worked out beautifully, and flexed very well with the fabric that I got from Jo-Ann.

For the gold pieces I made stencils and filled in the holes with chalk, then cut out those chalked pieces. The gold fabric was just a gold stretchy fabric I found at Wal-mart.

Looking good so far!

I used Heat'n Bond to attach the gold to the veil pieces. I had to use it carefully because the iron liked sticking to this fabric.

Outer dress pieces!

Since I had zero desire to make gloves from scratch, I just bought some on Amazon. Those silver stripes? Totally silver Sharpie. I only sewed down the gold trim into the inner glove seam, as I wanted it to stretch around my arm and not pull and tug in weird ways otherwise. This worked out quite nicely.

I could have easily gone without the stripes closest to the hands. Those just get lost in the glove folds around the wrist when worn.

At Celebration! Major thanks to this Nihilus cosplayer for hanging out with Arnus Cosplay (Revan on the right) and I!

Photo below by David Love Photography.

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