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Stream Schedule Database

Wish you could view Twitch streamers' schedules in one convenient place, figure out who you could raid, whose schedule matches up well with yours so you can coordinate multi streams, and more? Kiteera is putting together a little database to help with that! 

If you stream on Twitch, have a consistent schedule (or you try to anyway!), and you'd like to be included, please shoot an email to Kit, at (or just use her Contact page on this site) with the following information:

  1. Twitch streamer name 

  2. Twitch channel URL 

  3. Time Zone 

  4. Schedule

  5. Where you post stream changes, bonus streams, cancellations, etc. (give URL)

Schedule changed? No worries! Just send a whisper to Kiteera on Twitch! 

If you have any questions, contact Kit! 

Schedules listed below (in GMT -04:00). You may also view it HERE.

Viewing the Calendar In Your Time Zone

Want to add/view the calendar in your time zone? When viewing the calendar through this link, look to the bottom right of the page, where it says "+ Google Calendar." Click that and it will ask if you want to copy the schedule to your calendar. Hit "Yes" to add. Now when you view Stream Schedules under your calendars, the times to the left of the streamer names should now match your time zone! 

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